The Masia

Masias are traditional homes often linked to farming in the ancient kingdom of Aragon. Originating between the 10th and 11th centuries, these dwellings evolved from Roman villas, gaining popularity in Catalonia and becoming the Catalan masia.

Typically, masias have two or three floors, with the ground floor housing the kitchen and animal spaces, while the first floor serves as the family living quarters and the second floor as storage space. Construction materials vary based on location, with stone in mountainous areas and adobe in regions where stone is scarce.

Common features include south-facing orientation for maximum sunlight. Historically used in agriculture, masias usually occupy 5 to 300 hectares. Some have transformed into tourist centers, restaurants, and rural houses, contributing to the local economy and conserving the region.

The serene environment of forests, vineyards, and mountains makes Catalan masias a compelling attraction. Many have been modernized into holiday homes and event venues, attracting visitors from Barcelona and beyond. Their location offers a unique opportunity to immerse in a tranquil environment. The redeveloped rural areas have rekindled interest in this traditional style, making these charming Catalan masias ready to be explored.

Can Massanet

We are very pleased to open our Masia to our guests. A Masia that we have been restoring for 5 years, with passion, excitement and sometimes agony. We have tried to respect every element of its original design as much as possible in order to honor the heritage of the building. In 2017 we visited the house for the very first time. It was in an awful condition. Some referred to it as a ruin, but we fell in love with Can Massanet from the first instant we laid our eyes on it. We have put a lot of energy in redeveloping and restoring the house. We think you will appreciate our work and enjoy the Masia so you can enjoy your holiday.


We have restored most of the original natural stone walls and created 5 living spaces. The house offers 3 complete apartments, one guestroom and a shared lobby. Each living space has a bedroom and a bathroom.

Outside you can enjoy the swimming pool and terrace with panoramic views.

The location is also a beautiful setting for yoga retreats or personal growth activities. Can Massanet represents a calm resting outlet to rest and re-energize.


Welcome to Can Massanet. Experience comfort and convenience in every corner. From well equipped kitchens to modern bathrooms, our Masia is designed for a seamless stay. Your memorable visit starts here. We provide the following amenities:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Large garden
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wifi
  • Airconditioning
  • Shared lobby including small stray book library
  • Scattered terraces and sitting areas
  • BBQ area
  • Micro store
  • Hatha Yoga classes by arrangement